Bridges and Crowns in Fort Collins, CO

Bridges & Crowns for a Renewed Smile

Dental Crown

If you have broken teeth, it’s understandable to want a solution that looks as good as it feels. Our cosmetic dentist can create realistic crowns and bridges that protect your teeth and last for years to come. We take advantage of dental advancements in materials and technology to craft all-ceramic restorations without compromising on strength.

Do You Need a Bridge or Crown?

You may be a candidate for this type of cosmetic service if you:

  • Have teeth that are broken
  • Have decay that runs deep
  • Had a root canal
  • Have bites issues
  • Want a better appearance

Schedule a Cosmetic Consultation

To find out what type of cosmetic treatment is best for you, contact us to make an appointment at our Fort Collins, CO office. We also offer other solutions like implants and veneers. Our team will be able to determine the course of action so your smile can be restored!