4 Holiday Foods to Avoid

November 17, 2022

Holiday foodsIf you’re like most Americans, the holidays are just not complete without taking some time to enjoy your favorite foods.

We don’t want anyone to have an incomplete holiday season! But (maybe you see this coming) many foods that people tend to enjoy around the holidays are not the greatest for our teeth.

It’s good to be aware of what the worst offenders are. We put this list together to help you to familiarize yourself with which foods should be avoided, if possible.

4 Foods to Avoid at Holiday Parties


caramel candiesCaramel is sticky and full of sugar, so it sticks to your teeth and gives the bacteria in your mouth ample time to feast away.

Bubbly Beverages

Bubbly drinks add some sparkle to your palette, but it comes at a cost. Carbon dioxide turns into carbonic acid, which can be abrasive to the enamel.

Candy Canes

Sugary foods aren’t good for your teeth, and a candy cane definitely qualifies, as it’s pretty much pure sugar. The other thing that makes these so bad for your pearly whites is that they’re sticky and take a long time to eat. The whole time your sucking on the candy cane, your teeth are getting coated in a sugary film. And if you’ve ever bit down on a candy cane, you’ve felt the sticky goop that gets embedded into the ridges in your molars. Not the best for avoiding decay!


Eggnog is high in sugar, and it’s also creamy and thick. The result is a cocktail that coats your teeth and lingers in your mouth. This increases your teeth’s exposure to the sugar.

Another factor at play is that alcohol dehydrates you, which leads to reduced saliva flow.

4 Holiday Foods to Enjoy Guilt-Free

Veggie Platters

cruditeWe know, you’re not surprised to hear that vegetables are healthy! The reason why is they are high in water, which helps produce saliva. Since they take time to chew, eating them increases the flow of saliva in your mouth.

Cheese Plates

Eating cheese helps to neutralize the pH levels in your mouth while providing some healthy calcium.


Nuts are also rich in calcium, and since they’re crunchy, they physically scrape the plaque off of your teeth.


Rejoice! Turkey is perfectly safe for your teeth. We especially love that it’s rich in phosphorus, a nutrient vital to the teeth and bones.

If the thought of skipping out on your favorite holiday foods makes you feel blue, don’t worry! You can still indulge in the items on our avoid list. Just be sure to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth 30 minutes after you eat. Waiting 30 minutes gives your mouth time to return to a normal pH balance.

Healthy Teeth All Year Long

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